Tuesday, February 16, 2010

exercise and rainy days.

Last night, Angela and I went to House of Hope orphanage. We usually go on Mondays so Angela can help coach the boys’ soccer team. I decided to do some exercises with her. As we were doing some crunches, the youngest girl in the orphanage (who, incidentally, is called “Small”) sat next to me and started doing crunches as well. It was so funny to see a preschool age girl do some crunches. She even did some lunges with us. It was especially fun because she normally is too shy to talk to us. Once she was comfortable with us, she was having a blast, and drew in a bunch of other girls to exercise with us too. It was so much fun. Today I woke up with the sorest muscles ever. It actually feels good to exercise though.

This morning, we went to devotions and Richard gave another y=mx+b speech, except this time it was about y=x-1. It was pretty hilarious. We had class afterwards with a great meditation time, then we went to House of Prayer and the prison. We spoke briefly to the women. I spoke about the daily choice to follow God and the fact that you can’t just pray one prayer and be okay for the rest of your life. Angela shared after that, then we headed back to the mission house to meet Carole.

As we pulled up, the sky began to get dark with clouds. While we talked to Carole, the rain went CRAZY. Thankfully it means that we will have running water again! We were stuck at the mission house for a few minutes. Thankfully, Godfrey (our awesome driver) called us to see if we were okay and came to pick us up. We somehow made it back to our place, and now we’re about to eat dinner.


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