Thursday, March 11, 2010

birthday in paradise.

We were having a pretty long week last week and we needed a break. Since yesterday was my birthday, we decided to go to Murchison falls and stay at a pretty nice hotel for the night. We saw an awesome sunrise and drove through the wildlife park. We saw a bunch of animals and a giraffe was about six feet away from us! We got to the hotel, relaxed, ate great food, swam in the pool, and enjoyed the gorgeous view of the Nile right outside our window.
This morning we had breakfast and checked out, then headed to our boat for a 2 hour safari cruise, where we saw a ton of hippos and crocodiles. At the end, we got off of the boat and hiked to the top of the waterfall. It was INCREDIBLE. I will put pictures up, but they won’t describe how amazing it was. This experience was definitely the best birthday of my life. So cool.
We’re back in Gulu and back to reality, which basically means that we have no electricity again. Surprise! It was expected, but it still kind of sucks. When I get back to California, I’m pretty sure I’ll be AMAZED that there’s always electricity. The good news is that they finally got us a generator so we at least have power at night.


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