Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rh team visit and Remnant beginnings.

The past two weeks has been busy, but great. Sorry for the delay of blogs once again. We haven’t had consistent power, and no power means no internet. We spent most of our time with the Rock Harbor team. A few days ago, we did some medical work with them in Amuru, which was about 2 hours away. The first medical day was not the most productive. We got sent to an already existing clinic, so there wasn’t much for us to do. Instead of going back there the next day, we went further into the middle of nowhere and set up there for the day.

I started out in the pharmacy, labeling and counting pills, but I moved on an hour later. I noticed Moses, our awesome driver, sizing kids from wound care for shoes. I began to help him pass out the shoes. Most of the kids had bandages all over their feet; they don’t have proper shoes, so they get cut up pretty badly.

I was shocked to see that the kids needed help putting on their shoes. It never occurred to me that they have never had actual shoes before; if anything, they have only had flip flops. None of them knew how to tie their shoes. It is heartbreaking. So I started kneeling down and slowly tying their shoes, hoping that even though we had a language barrier, they could learn from my quick example.

I continued to help Moses for a few hours. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him give food to a kid who was starving. It is so cool to see people like Moses go above and beyond what is expected of them, especially when they gain nothing in return. Moses didn’t give the boy leftovers; he gave him a whole meal. That boy was so happy. We got to watch as his stomach started forming again.

The Rock Harbor team left the next day. It was a particularly outstanding team, and we will miss them. When we come back in May, I’m sure we’ll all hang out again.

Other than that, we’ve been putting our business, Remnant, into place. We had some issues with shirt prices going up, but other than that, we are doing well. We will be training the women next week, and starting business the week after!

Although it can get stressful, we have been so lucky to see such wonderful things happen to these women. Take Martine. She is the woman who I blogged about earlier (she is a 23 year old who came from Congo to find her mom, her mom and sister left her with all of the kids in the family, she has never been a prostitute, and she is so amazing). Since Martine does an excellent job for the church’s Sunday school and takes care of her nieces, we thought we would ask her to do childcare for our workers. She was so happy to be offered a job. She somehow reached her mom on the phone, who happened to be in Sudan. Her mom, thrilled by the news of her daughter getting a job, came back down to Gulu and decided to follow Jesus. Incredible.

We are so excited to start. Keep us in your prayers, we have a lot to do in very little time.


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