Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today we went to a women’s conference at GBCC. All the women on the Rock Harbor team shared their testimonies, as well as a few women from GBCC. We were there from 10-6. Long day! But we got to hear some sweet stories. One of the most inspiring stories that I heard was Evelyn’s. Evelyn is an amazing woman who got saved when she was 14. When she was 25, her parents were angry that she wasn’t married, so they took her to the doctor and asked what was wrong with her. They constantly got on her case about it, even though she was really happy being single.

Eventually, she married this guy to appease her parents, but a part of her knew that he wasn’t right for her and that it wasn’t what God wanted. She said that the day after they got married, they began to argue like crazy. A few years into their unhappy marriage, she had kids, and she suspected that her husband was cheating on her. She desperately prayed that she wouldn’t become HIV positive. A year later, her husband told her that he was cheating on her, just as she suspected, and that he and his mistress were HIV positive. She got tested, and she was HIV negative! She immediately left him and took the kids. He was eventually killed by the rebels (they killed him before AIDS did), but she is hopeful that one day, her children will have a father who is a good man of God so that they are no longer fatherless. It was so cool to see her hope through everything that she’s been through.

We had our first sodas when we got home, and now, sleep is calling my name… good night!


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