Tuesday, January 19, 2010

funny things that happened today!

1. Angela kept saying “Colatians” instead of Colossians. It’s a mixture of Colossians and Galatians. The Ugandans tend to slur their words when it comes to book names… Angela caught on to it!

2. A little girl on the street kept waving and screaming “hello” to get our attention. Angela walked a little closer to shake her hand, but the girl started screaming at the top of her lungs! Angela froze as the girl ran away screaming, only to fall on her face and continue to scream! All the other kids around her were dying of laughter! It was so funny!

3. Angela and I were sitting on the couch, when the terminator of grasshoppers jumped between us. It flew in my face, so we both screamed and I ran out… Angela handles the bugs around here! It proceeded to jump in Angela’s face-- directly in her face. No joke! Then Angela picked up her book and started swatting it around. Her arms were all over the place and I left the room… I’m not sure if I left because of Angela or because of the bug! Casandra heard us screaming and laughing and came to the living room where the action was. Angela finally hit the bug with her book, but she didn’t realize that it wasn’t injured; it was on her book. Although she thought she killed it, she was quite surprised when it jumped right back in her face! It bounced off and kept flying around. Angela and I were dying of laughter… Casandra had to finish the job on her own. When we left her to it, she caught it in less than 5 seconds and threw it out the door! HA!


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