Monday, January 25, 2010

extracurricular fun

Yesterday we went back to House of Hope with Godfrey to watch the boys practice for their soccer game. Casandra and Angela played soccer while I hung out with the feisty girls. They were amazed by my red pimples. Hahaha. Today we had class and Carole taught the second half of the day. It was a good class—she is a very wise woman. We closed our class with a description of our course, along with extracurricular activities. It looks like I will be doing the following extracurricular activities:
- Science experiments at the primary school
- Trauma counseling at the women’s prison
- Helping Angela type out testimonies from department leaders
- Community health courses
- Teaching new(ish) worship songs to worship leaders and their choirs
Over the next week, we’ll be checking out the portable Bible school, as well as the trauma counseling program. Sounds sweet!


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