Thursday, January 7, 2010


Before I begin, the electricity came back around 11am! But the water was gone a bit earlier than that. It made for a pretty funny morning—it almost feels like we’re camping. We spent most of our day with the Rock Harbor team, since it was their final day in Gulu. We met them at House of Hope, which is FOG’s orphanage. The kids were adorable (as they all are in Uganda); they sang us a few songs, then we headed out. After that, we went to the prison again with the team. Since Angela and I had already been there the day before, we decided to help unload the laundry soap that the team was donating to the prisoners. We caught up with the women shortly thereafter and heard a few of them sharing.

After the prison, we went to Molly’s bead shop. Molly works with 31 bits (you might recognize them by my awesome necklaces. Google them). We prayed over her and her shop, then we checked out Sean’s house, which is also the headquarters for Krochet Kids (you should google them too). We joined the team and the volunteers for their dinner as they reflected over their week. We said our goodbyes and headed home. The water is still off, but we’re managing.


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