Friday, January 15, 2010

last day of prayer week

Today is the last day of Favor of God’s staff prayer week. We are only on lunch break, but the day has already been packed with prayer and worship. We started out praying for America and Europe. They wanted to pray against materialism and idolatry. They straight up said that Africa doesn’t want money from the west if it is coming from a wicked background that is imposed on them. Someone pointed out that their whole problem with the homosexuality bill that might be passed has started because of people in America. Instead of being bitter and frustrated, they prayed. They even asked us mzungus to stand in the middle of the room and accept their prayers as we represent the west.

After that, we prayed for the married couples who were present. Then the single people were prayed for by some children from the House of Hope. Lastly, the children were prayed for by the married people. It was a really great time of prayer and encouragement. We’re heading back now, so I’ll update more tomorrow.

P.S. the water is kind of back. There was enough to take a shower without washing my hair. But as of 2 minutes ago, the electricity is out again! If it doesn’t come back soon, it might be a few days before I blog again. I should have charged my computer when I had the chance!


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