Friday, January 22, 2010

keyboards and coke floats

Today, Angela and I led worship at devotions. We taught the group “Dance, Dance” by Tim Hughes and they had some fun with it... I'm talking keyboard beats here. I kept losing my own beat because they kept changing beats on the keyboard. It got so crazy that I just had to laugh. After worship, I had a few worship leaders from nearby churches asking if we could come teach them a few songs. It looks like we’ll be teaching Richard and the GBCC choir 3 new songs on Saturday and another church choir some songs on Tuesday.

We went to the primary school to finish our organizing and we got to meet a few of the teachers today. They told us we should teach some classes. I brought up that we could do some science experiments, and they said that it would be good. It sounds like fun! After that, we went to afternoon prayer. When we got back, we bought some vanilla ice cream and coke and made coke floats. We made some for Godfrey (our good friend and driver) and he LOVED it! He wants us to surprise his wife with some later. Rachel tried it too, but I don’t know if she liked it. The other day, Angela gave her some dried pineapple and she was laughing at Americans for about 15 minutes. The same thing happened when we made some iced tea! We finished off the day by listening to “The Shack” and watching some Flight of the Conchords. It was fun.


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