Thursday, January 21, 2010

no electricity and crazy worship day

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day. It was really hot outside— probably around 95 degrees. The power went off around 3am the night before, so when I woke up to shower at 6, it was too dark to see anything. I had to use a big flashlight in the shower… it was an interesting experience. The water was freezing (no electricity= no water heater). I don’t know how I did it! TIA—This Is Africa. We went to devotions, then to the House of Prayer for afternoon prayer, and I was asked to lead a few songs. It was funny because they wanted me and Angela on stage for the entire time of worship, even though we don’t know a lot of the songs they sing. So I started leading “Here I am to worship” and because my guitar doesn’t plug in, everything was SO OFF. The backup singers seriously scream at the top of their lungs in the microphones. I couldn’t hear myself singing and it was so hot in there that I was sweating bullets! They had a keyboard player and a drummer, who were both totally doing their own thing the whole time. I had to keep myself from laughing because it sounded like a nightmare! Finally, I just decided to let them handle it. I gave my mic to Richard (from GBCC—such a cool guy) and just pretended I knew how to play the songs on my guitar, as I was guessing every chord! We got home and slept for a few hours. The electricity finally came back. We’re hoping it stays on! It was raining pretty hard for a few minutes last night, but it just stopped quickly.

This morning, we went to devotions, then stayed to fill out paperwork and renew our modem. We are planning to finish our job organizing books at the primary school. Wanen la chen!


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